how to do a self deception?

Deceiving yourself?

Is that a soft way of saying lying to yourself?

What’s worst, a self deceiver, a self liar – or one who lies and deceives others?

Perhaps someone who’s using multiple false dichotomies?

OK.. So what are we on about?

Perhaps none of the above.. I was just thinking, if someone suggested that we should have free education, housing, food/drink, communication, health care, housing, art and culture – would I be cool with that.. It occurred that I might be kind of ok with that, which begged the question – does it mean am kind of ideologically committed to such a social world? Do I want to strive for such a situation? Because, if I do, then am supporting some kind of an ideology, no?

So you might be an ideological person, so what??!!

I do not sense an ideology.. How do I say that it seems an interesting, as in yet-to-be-known, to come from ideas of freedom and free basic elements – but not to strive for these as ideals?

If its yet to be, how can you speak as if we already have it?

As questions to move from, rather than some end results to implement. How, when, why, where – free art and culture, rather than i want to have free art and culture/housing/etc – lets see how we get to achieve it?

What happened to free art and culture – yes or no?

Will it not come through the WH questions? Check this, say someone suggests eating only cotton wool. Is it not the a negative reaction is that as far as we know, the WH question regarding the suggestion are negative?

OK.. But.. Lets say we have free education, as in no money at point of delivery, will you not be happy with that? Will you not feel, sense perhaps, that we have achieved something rather special?

IDK.. It seems that if suddenly the question of freedom in education will kind of die, I’d probably think its a mistake. A mistake to assume freedom is a goal to achieve.. Am I a question ideologist?

A questionist? Questionism?

Hummm.. Perhaps here the idea of self deception comes out.. I tend to think am not a questionist because having a question doesn’t preclude an answer, it just places the given answer as a temporary one.. Isn’t trouble with an ism, like capitalism – pick any other ideological poison – is that they preclude alternatives? Capitalism preclude free and open culture, hence it uses its power to assimilate stuff it precluded. And that’s why..

Are you not ideologically against capitalism?

Its not for me to judge, however my grind against capitalism is that it is biased against other ways of doing social and cultural life – hence produces a vast waste of resources. If capitalism didn’t produce unfulfilled times for so many elements, it will not bother me.. But then, would it be capitalism?

Would it be an ism…?

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