how will it be if I was 1 +


If i was 1+1 i’d be a search. 1+1 is What? 2? Again? How?
Oh! This is because I am alone, I am made of 1+1.
However, because I am a search, because I come from 1+1 and not particularly aiming to Be 2, at times I can be other stuff! I can integrate into other elements, other sequences, become a beat in other rhythms and experience being an infinite number of entities.
Check this search:
Hey, 2-3.. 2-3.. Come here.. Lets have some time together and search?
Shall we be:
or perhaps:
Well.. 2-3 didn’t stop.. I guess we were (1+1)-(2-3)? For the duration we could have been together?

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