i do do not do

I declare this post to be at its very beginning.

I declare this word to mean my love for you.

I declare my love for you to mean more than just a word.

I declare love here to be a cheap device.

I declare that you can make me a sandwich.

I declare sandwiches to be made of sandy witches.

I declare all sand to be a witch.

I declare all witches to be a bit sandy.

I declare that bits of the sandwich are a bit too chewie.

I declare bits to be a profitable subject of thought.

I declare bits to be code.

I declare this if to be a part of a javascript if library.

I declare the cat is asleep.

I declare that my ear aches.

I declare that pain is a rose flower.

I declare that pain is rosie in colour.

I declare pain to be Rose.

I declare pain to be a sound of a rose thorn.

I declare pain to be a rose in my noise.

I declare that pain is rising only from rose related sounds.

I declare that pain is made of 4 letters.

I declare pain to have a rosie sensation in the bum.

I declare pain to be rosie in the bottom.

I declare the bottom of pain to be a rose.

I declare the painful lines on pain are over because I can not see the 1st one.

I declare a change of subject.

I declare a new objective.

I declare time goes slower.

I declare time to move one hour to the side.

I declare time to go 3 hours up.

I declare time to go 2 hours back.

I declare an end of the search for 43 hours a day.

I declare the end of I.

My decelerations are not my own.

Declare to be a millionaire.

Declare a bus is coming.

Declare the supermarket is now open.

Declare the time has come.

Declare you just came.

Declare(d)!!! possibility of being adjourned.

Declare an if library.

Declare declarative production.

Declare function with a statement and a logical algorithm.

Declare that 1’s value = 12.5

Declare that one has a value of twelve and a half.

Declare that all values have to be divisible by 29.

Declare prime numbers to be even.

Declare a rest is needed.

Declare a need for distance from the rest.

Declare a need for the rest.

Declare the prime need to rest from arresting values.

Declare values to have arrestive properties.

Declare being handcuffed.

Declare handcuffs are in-fact un-divisible.

Declare time to be made of twelve @ various periods.

Declare the period of declarative mode.

Declare the De to be Un and now we are without Clare.

Declare Clare to be the anti-declaritive sensation.

Declare the anti to have religious properties.

Declare the anti to have liquid properties.

Declare the anti to have the value of 9.

Declare that if 9 then 10 can never follow.

Declare that if 9 then fetch the data about what to do.

Declare do is a non activity when declared.

Declare do’s non activity to end.

Declare that do is 1 and when 5 of them are used for a loop diving 45, we get 9 – but not 9 dos.

Declare that when 9 holds true then give me a call.

Declare that we’ve declared I, me, and my to be dead.

Declare the violence of decelerations is deadly.

Declare the ghost of my, me & I is haunting.

Declare ghosts to be remenents of a violent end.

Declare deadly powers are the creative engines of ghosts.

Declare power to be forceless of fearful.

Declare power to require fear.

Declare power is now switched off.

Declaring an if is coming.

Declaring a beginning?