identica no more? – where to?

Been using, and telling people, identica for a long time now. Well, years is a long time in the web time scale of life.
Today I noticed that by the 1st of june 2013 Mr identica & is going to migrate it all to new baby Had a look at the pump thing, and to be honest it doesn’t seem too bad and probably will work fine somehow and in time.
However, am wondering about the Way this is done – seems very whimsical in that a person decides by themselves. He does do a lot of testing, and takes time, I know. However, the move does concern other people and it seems authoritarian and illegitimate to do because there are many other un-consulted people involved.

So, in some ways this is too bad really, because it made me look further into free, perhaps even distributed, possibilities to move into. Currently these seem a bit flaky, but hey.. Am I not flaky as well..? 😉

Here are a couple, and hopefully more to come: that the code is on rather than github.. Any reason?

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