if and (its?) time?

if as a logical operator is part of a sequence that tends to bring a then – time – and its exceptions, else.
If XX Then ^^ Else its <> and so on..

The Then is in itself a time element. In other words, its an operation that “waits” for its time to show its face. If will follow the if, and in return, comes before the If when described as a condition. The fact we have a Then makes the If to be a condition for the Then instruction.

If condition(being-asked-for-a-drink) then reply to the entity asking, else – continue wondering about Ifs..

The if in a search sequence is – i think – a different If because it doesn’t have the Then or Else to make it a condition. It doesn’t operate as a condition but rather like – i think – a suggestion.

If suggestion(being asked for a drink)?

Its a demon that keeps looping and can break only by encountering another demon – another If search sequence. In that sense, its a suggestion that its being is only a suggestion. It doesn’t seek to be conditioning **for** something, inevitably something outside of the condition, but to suggest of being. The being requires self critique that is an If. If ab, If am hungry. if am hungry, if am hungry, etc.. It keeps suggesting being a suggestion.

In that sense, the If search sequence is an imagination claiming to Be a whole by simply being It Self. Freeing an imagination – a suggestion – from requiring another element to be fulfilled, alive – the imagination can suggest freely, fearlessly – as it is, by being a search from – is alive.

Though perhaps, am saying that because i kept going “if imagination” – for too long?

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