if S collapses S

if S can not S
if S unable S
if S folds S
if S not S

when S is a sequence in my mind at the moment, but can be any element that if it tries to Be itself, by its own nature, it can be not itself. S is unable to S, S is not S? S can not S? if S folds S?

How would it Be to sense life as that S? How that element, that character, that searching if sequence, life? How will it speak/imagine?

From that, we can go on to how the life of S be if it collided with if A + B (eg, A is a only if it follows by an addition of a B.. (if there was a different link, eg A + Q, A is slightly different..)

These kind of questions, are they not a bit like what will happen if superman & donald duck met? had kids? played in water? surfed clouds? had lunch? etc..

However, this way, using abstract – not abstracted – elements, they are shareable and searching in themselves. Where as superman is a known set, S lives as Might be.. A search..

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