if suggestion and sense?

It seems that people use suggestive lingo for arousing sensual drives.. I bumped into that when checking stuff link possible suggestive lists of terms, words, “language”, and bumped into sexual references. If you fancy some coffee, or I fancy some coffee, etc. where the suggestion is of getting together rather than the coffee itself. In that sense, these suggestion are entirely the kind om not considering when thinking if ab as a suggestion, because am actually referring to ab rather than some other stuff.

If push-pull minus 3 secs and a chewing-gum is precisely a suggestion to imagine pushing and pulling for 3 secs and chewing a gum at the same time. This can be interpreted as a whole body action, however, then it will be made into a speculation, no?

Am just wondering whether suggestions have a sort of directness to do wiyth being or fritioning with sense, eg aesthetics..

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