ignorance of dangers and dangers of ignorance?

A few unrelated nor linked people told me that the idea of skateboarding, seeking artists and linking exchanges of community boxes in Palestine, might be a dangerous practice indeed.
They said I should not ignore the possible dangers and try at least to resolve them.

However, am increasingly become aware, or seemingly aware(?) of a fair few ignorant sequences that somehow link to the activities in Palestine..
* People I spoke to who live in Tel-Aviv, a mere 2 hours away from the dead-sea/Jericho, seem to think that:
The israeli army doesn’t let people enter Jericho.
The Palestinian autrhority has powers to check passports.
The Palestinians HAVE palestinian passports.
The Hamas has gangs of knife wielding thugs just waiting for people..
The israeli and palestinian authorities will allow people in/out of Jericho area only if they can make money out of it.

Clearly, with such conflicting – and internally conflicting views – the only cheering witness is a laze induced ignorance? Or is it an ideologically laze induced ignorance? Both? Other ignorance..? Is it so hard to find out how life is with people you practically live with..?

Thinking I’d have some better idea regarding, at least, “rules of engagement” on the ground via the israeli embassy and palestinian reps in london, I gave them a call..

The israelies were under the impression that the palestinians give visas. The palestinians were under the impression the israelies are into threatening people trying to forge cultural ties with palestians on the ground.. (however, they were clueless re when asked re Khaled Jarrar’s artistic exploits passports stamps..)

Perhaps there is also my own ignorance and a hint of naivity(??) regarding how people think and how people tend to share and express these thoughts..?
An orgy of ignorance..? hummm…

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