illegitimate jobs – stock brokers and female genital mutilation?

I think its very encouraging to see Female Genital Mutilation getting some space time and criticism it deserves.

I hope pieces like in the link above, in which a mutilator wonders about what she might do for livelihood if the practice stopped, could also open up other debates regarding customs, jobs, and legitimacies..

For example, is it not conceivable that she might simply switch to “the other side”? ie going around talking about FGM and how to stop it..? A bit like ex-drug dealers/users that switch to education/training/workshoping..

However, perhaps there is also a bigger question regarding a possibility that not all jobs – even traditional/religious-linked/culturaly-acceptable ones – are not necessarily legitimate. Perhaps, a bit like drug dealing, their practice produces un-changeable, and freedom prohibiting effects, that people should not have to deal with such practices?

A close relative of FGM is of-course MGM, or circumcision. However, perhaps we can also refer to stock brokerage – a traditional and culturally acceptable practice in European societies at least – as financial mutilation?

Indeed, we can perhaps move away from the mutilation, and concentrate on jobs in general – the fact that there is a job available, and is legal – does it mean its legitimate? Does it follow that it can be socially and culturally acceptable to hear lines such as: “Well, Its nothing personal, just my job..” Or even, “Its not something I support, but I have to do this, it’s my job..”.. Ect..

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