imagination and violence?

Imagination technologies do not mean anything, in my mind. Nothing innate, nothing in them that isn’t violent by its nature. However, nothing in them that Is naturally violent. eg a firearm tech is by its nature to produce a violent event. Might not be an act, but even burning stuff is violent..
However, writing tech, is not Aimed at violence. Can be used violently – but isn’t innately so.

Here’s an example of how islamic jihad’s head homcho, picked up on the violence of zionist feelings towards jerusalem, and hopes that arabs in general and palestinians in particular could learn to produce such imaginations. I think he thinks that as a result of such imaginations, the bodies follow in physical activities?

Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad: Gotta love Jerusalem as the Jews
Ramadan Shallah quoted Naomi Shemer’s song – “Jerusalem of Gold” – a conference clerics in Tehran
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Send Ramadan, the Islamic Jihad Secretary-General addressed a recent speech at a conference of religious leaders in Tehran singing Naomi Shemer’s “Jerusalem of Gold”, as an example indicating feelings of love felt by the Jews of the world capital of Jerusalem.

מזכ”ל הג’יהאד האיסלאמי, רמדאן שלח
Secretary-General” of Islamic Jihad Ramadan Shallah Photo: AP failure
Army Radio was presented today (Monday) to the Send quoting lyrics in Hebrew and then immediately interprets them in Arabic. “They have a song in their entity Army Minister on June 7, when they captured the Al – Aqsa Mosque and entered the Temple Mount,” said Post, quoting the song and said that “this song says to himself every Israeli child and every Israeli soldier.”

Send criticized the attitude of the Muslims in Jerusalem and said that they are committed to it, at least not like Jews. “What does the example for us?” He said, “You will learn from the Jews, this cursed entity. They like the example not only militarily – but they do it well in a civilized way. ”

( a child growing in palestine, the song made me realise how false and convoluted zionism is.. it made me feel that they needed the song to convince themselves re how they could feel about jerusalem. it was/is a proof zionism is undemocratic by elevating its own aspiration above other people.. but not just zionism – all such nationalistic movements.. they can hardly be democratic if they need to exclude to survive, right?)

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