initial notes re blackholes art critics do in september

* The interest began when I realised that am going to do the Brighton fabrica gallery as an art blackhole.

* The proposition:

Talk at Blackholes art crit re the 3 days in Fabrica as an art/practice/question example of:

no art – Do stuff/activity does not link or unlinks with art. either through intent or ignorance. e.g. writing here has a No link with the the recently new born leaf on a tree in Cameroon. Except ofcourse that it can be said now that mentioned, the link is not No any longer. However by re-stating the intent to illustrate a No activity, we are back to being No – now by intent.

none art – This is when X activity has nothing to do with a Y. Both can Be independently, might have been linked, or even come from one another. e.g. I know you are upset, but my singing has nothing to do with you.

anti-art – This is when stuff is done against. I am doing X against Y, in the opposite direction and intention.


All these are explained wrongly, I think.. Perhaps there are:
– Conflations. Specially between No and None.
– Different meanings if X comes b4 or after Art.

Also the explaining through context/link rather than thekmselves has someything to be desired.


More work needs to be done for above + references of the Negative in art and critique..

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