Is this an About?

How to talk about this blog?

Is this a real question? Just say – its aharon’s blog of stuff he finds interesting, can’t you?

Am not going to talk about myself in 3rd person.. Perhaps, Hi, I am aharon and this is a blog of stuff that itches me. Could that do?

Itches? A skin condition?

LOL.. Itches as sensed with a restless desire kind of stuff.. How’s that?

..and what about art?


Yes.. and what about this stupid thing.. No 3rd person talk, but 2nd is ok?

..and always with questions?

Yes.. Its my reality.. A constant questioning within myself.. Is it misleading to put it as possibly different personalities?

Is this a version of websites that compile their own FAQs? 😉

IDK.. Usually.. There’s me and myself.. Sometimes I come and other “voices” that seem nameless. Perhaps should just refer to all as “voices”?

Inner voices?

A bit dualistic, “inner” might imply “outer”.. Can simply “my voices” be ok?

Also.. going back to 2nd person, it seems that 2nd person lingo might include the possibility of a reader.. “What do you feel” can be both a part of me and a reader. Right?

..and why constant questions?

Yes.. Don’t these voices have answers?

Maybe, currently they do not.. Is it not possible they evolve?

Evolve or develop?

But surely.. Some things can be questions. I am typing now.. That is a statement, not a question?

Ofcourse.. Perhaps evolve.. However, presently, I seem unable to commit for singular perspectives.. Questions might seem like hiding, but hopefully they actually open up vulnerable sensations.. Might it not be that saying I am typing is hiding under a particular take of reality – that which is done now? Might it not be that am i typing actually opens up for possible other takes on my present activities? Am I not hungry as well? Am I not sitting? Have I not just come back from town? Am I not sweating? Am I not also thinking about what to do next? How about drinking, breathing, typing?

Maybe there’s a pikachu over my head dancing?

Sure.. Precisely the point.. A pokemon go pikatchu is a visualisation of algorithms at a certain time and place.. Just a visualisation conformed to current technological elements. However, the question of the real and genuine isn’t confined to these technologies or others – is it not its own technology? Has it not manifested – or visualised – for some people as, for example, angles dancing over their heads?

Maybe pixies?

Hummm… Do you recall the web before blogging?

You mean geocities time?

No. Before geocities.. ’95.. Do you remember when links had only one colour?

The blue only links?

Yes.. When wikiwiki was a few weeks old.. Maybe months?

The web before altavista?

Yes.. When netscape was a bit of a rage?

Netscape 1 or 2.. Before #3 and frames.. Do you recall?

Somethings.. Yes.. I can remember.. Why?

I was doing something.. It was called footprints..

A bit wet.. no?

Yes.. The name isn’t the best.. Anyway.. It was supposed to allow you to collect your web journeys, footprints, and organise/comment on them while sharing with others. It was done with hypercard.. Do you remember hypercard?



Why talk about the past here?

Not sure.. Didn’t you do, at that sort of time, some digital environments that were oriented towards time rather than space?

Yes.. But they were done in VRML, a web 3d predecessor, so in an instant way, spaces – or the sensation of space was questioned.. What exactly happened there in these timeverses?

Yes.. Timeverses.. Is that a better name?

People could meet based on time coordinated.. Like say you choose a rhythm 1.1.1.etc. and another person gets So you can meet on the 1 because that’s when your time and timing corresponds rather than spacetime.. Like this and that time at a certain place.. Where are these timeverses now?

Was that in VRML?

Yes.. and a fair bit of very early javascript..

Why all this reminiscing?

Yes.. Bullshit! Lets talk about this blog, shall we?

Oh.. Why?

Well.. Maybe how?

How to talk about this blog?

Yes.. That the language.. Sort of mainly questions.. Are these for real?

Hummm.. Well.. Years ago.. When I began doing this blog.. I thought I had things to say. Kind of..

Like self-expression kind of urges?

Yes.. Expression.. However, as I tried to express myself more accurately.. As I tried to say, to learn in time, how to share stuff that goes with me – or is it through me – I found that am beginning a text with one idea, and then ending it with another. I might consider, say the notion of abstract paints as being inherently expressive, and end up either questioning the initial idea, and/or having some other idea – e.g. that paint on a canvass might not be abstract.. Or is questionably abstract unless no one can see it.. Representation as an abstraction killer.. Anyhow.. I realised that in fact am not saying more than I am questioning. Not unique is it?

Nope.. But the uniqueness is, I think, an inconsequential question here.. I think that more interesting is the question of how to bring the process of multiple ideas and voices in me, and share that. Is it possible to share these multiplicities without loosing touch?

Is it possible to share these while still engaging rather than getting into a mishmash of mudded notions?

Why all these questions? If its interesting, really – I mean genuinely – itching for you as a person, surely its the gesture of sharing that is of an interest here?

Maybe not even of sharing? Just a practice of sort of reflection. No?

A reflection or a reaction to stuff sensed?

IDK.. Perhaps its just a collection of stuff – questions – to recall and maybe to come back to?

Is that a way to go back to the footprints thing..?

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