isil members and supporters learn democracy?

Democracy in the islamic state – daesh – whatever you call it?

Have a read of this aljazeera report, ok?

The people sending messages from isil controlled fallujah, mosul, etc.?

Sure, these messages are full of despair – more to do with isil misrule than democracy, or any other way of political organisation, no?

When a person complains about lack of pluralism, or corruption, prevalent mood of fear, and others regarding issues to do with transparency, fairness and decision making processes – do they not all link up in democracy as a solution?

Might – but they don’t say “democracy” do they?

Does it matter if they, supporters and fighters for isil/isis utter the name democracy – or that they seem to fancy stuff that only democratic kind of developments can offer?

Only democracy?

Maybe also anarchy? 😉

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