islam and imagining the end of art via prophesy??

In Islam, Mohamed is imagined to be a prophet. He is not just a prophet, but the last of a certain – somehow judeo-christian – line of prophets.
I do not know what islamic tradition means by “prophet”, however, for my mind, the “prophet” is a person that says something which is applicable for all times. Some timeless finding. THe person/s that found 1+1=2 might be prophets, in that sense. However, there is another element of being a prophet, to realise these timeless elements via visions/revelations/epiphanies/drugs/psychological-processes rather than a shared/collaborative/cooperative/share-able-process.

In that sense, I think that perhaps the prophet is an old-school artist that got personally inspired and able to share the out-come rather than the process. Because the process is so personal.. In that sense as well, Search art is a sort of a way to Share the personal via its communal elements, shareable elements..

Therefore a prophet needs a religion, to enforce her/his visions?? If you want to ensure you really are a prophet, that you really do say/utter/dream/visionise stuff that Is future applicable – hence sort of timeless – then you can ensure that via violence,
In that sense, islam, unlike other religions, is violent by the rejection of other, future, prophets. That exclusion is an islamic – mohamedian – prophesy, that that bahai religion members suffer.
However, if we imagine how art might be made by artists/prophets that are, in islam, imagined as being at an end. Perhaps entertainment, for the reason of pleasing the known, is a pure islamic cultural celebration?

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