monetary truth and the power of numerical lies?

Seems like the so called state of israel (otherwise known as Frankelinstine) has a problem, people just do not understand the jewish bit of events version. Hence, the state has an “explanation” unit (used to be ministry) known as “hasbara” – hebrew for explanation.
However, the propagandas, errr, explanation efforts might come from people who don’t understand today’s networking ways.. So the state decided to ask its students to prostitute their social networking for the benefit of the state’s prefered story lines.
If the story lines the state wanted to go “out there” were self evident, then perhaps people will not need any encouragement, chersion, or pimping. However, since the israeli state jewish section knows without coercive efforts truths it might not like could surface, they want to do a deal with some of its more patriotic students, go online and pimp israel jewish section, and in return, the state will help pay the university fees!

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