?job holding job?

There’s a recent survey that’s been doing the rounds on uk mainstream media outlets recently. A survey that points towards some kind of a blame mentality.
should people who lost jobs recently – covid19 and all in mind – be blamed for, err, losing their jobs?

I’d like to listen to the question and what it presumes.
Is having or getting a job something to Win or Lose? Is doing a Job, doing something and getting paid for it – something that should be with a possibility of getting lost?
Doing something for others, or offering some service for others – humans or otherwise – should it be something that one be lucky to do?

Indeed, in case one thinks Jobs should come as they do – with a win/lose tag attached –
What kind of a society may consider Blaming a Person – let a lone a human – for losing something, let alone a job?
Should you, hopefully it’s ok to approach You as a “you” – and appologies in case it’s feels uncomfortable; should, a reader (yourself or someone else), any reader of this line, or a reader of any text, but this line could do, I think, be blamed in case they lose the thread of what’s being said, suggested, implied or asked, and indeed printed? Should, as in is it a fair manner to blame, to accuse and judge without a trial someone for losing the plot of this paragraph just because they, err, feel a bit lost in the plotted manner of delivery, or just the text, its composition and rhythms between certain meanings, aims and directions?
Is it just to blame Yourself, or any other reader, for not-entirely understanding the line of questions here – even if the said line was put shortly like:
Is it cool to blame someone for losing something?

Coming back to jobs, I wonder, since not many humans will read this, possibly more bots and AI reading databases will encounter this thing than humans –
should then this text be Not doing a Job?
in case of doing and failing Job kinda questions – without a function there’s no justification for life?
Or are we confusing aesthetics of Life with a Being?

Indeed, if we go back to the 1st question,
suppose a person Has
lost a Job
and a Job Is
something to lose/win
and that loss – Is
Their Fault
The lost job, like a game, is something to blame on
Them, the losers who Lost a Job,
lets even say that they are Unable to Not Lose a Job –
does that mean that they should not
come with an automatic dignity attached
me and you or
just Yourself?

How can we have a culture when having a life comes integral to all – even if they lose jobs
or indeed –
are jobless for us since they work in some Other