lambda λ : λ → λ and abstract expressionism?

“lambda calculus which is a formal system that just has lambda expressions, which represents a function that takes a function for its sole argument and returns a function. All functions in the lambda calculus are of that type, i.e., λ : λ → λ .”

in lambda:
“Resolving a function: Replacing all occurrences of y with the expression, [eg] (ab)”
(λy.x)(yz))(ab) makes: x(abz)

The lambda expression made a new expression – not lambda, as far as i understand it – that is of x(abz).
A bit like an abstract painting, being looked at by people, and some resolving the shapes, colours, etc., as some sort of more “recognisable” imagery?

if so, then, in my mind, i’d say that perhaps lambda is not abstract enough. If it doesn’t resolve to an abstraction but an instantiation of the abstract exopression, then, if we go back to painting analogy, its a bit like paintings that Looks abstract but actually just abstraction of stuff that can be deducesed from the images..


Hopefully can be put wrong..

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