lingo oginl corruption?

Another corruption?

Interesting.. Etymologically its “a break done together”. Com – together. Rupture – a break. Isn’t this a kind of an interval?

Hummm.. An interval done together?

Yes.. And a togetherness that has brought about a forgetting of the process done together?

Isn’t it a confabulation?

Why break? Why not just forging something together?

I think its todo with preconception, sort of prejudice, and assumptions that we might let ourselves forget are there?


say.. in english, what is the gender of the moon?

Interesting.. I think culturally, have we not borrowed from
french the idea of moon being female?

ok.. what about a bus?

Gender? Bus is an it.. Unless you call it Adel..?

..and why? Why assume Adel has a particular gender.. Why indeed I am not an it? Why do I need to be presumed a he..?

How about tenses in english..?

Sure.. Are we not presuming without much questioning a particular structure of time..?

But surely.. We.. No.. Where the fuck is the corruption? Is it wrong to presume somethings?

Yes.. c’ommon! Even in maths.. We know whole numbers are approximations.. But..

Exactly! Thats why in maths its a constant question.. Is it not why we divide whole numbers from real numbers?

hummm.. not sure.. but.. Isn’t it that the assumptions, confabulated assumptions – for example – in languages – offer an interval that seems not to be there?

Not to be there?

If we don’t question, do we remember or use the fact that time in english it perceived as, among others, past that goes into the future?

Do you want to force people into thinking they might not have thought time correctly all along?

lol.. I thinking its to do with forgetting that there is a tacit agreement of stuff that might be different.. Is that forcing people?

..But how else can we function as a society? Don’t we need these tacit silent agreements?

Don’t we need to have someone pointing the emperor is, in fact, naked?

Isn’t there a time for that – a time, a beat that isn’t always..?

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