a bit about community boxes

CommunityBoxes (CB) are locally owned and controlled digital platforms. These let communities, individuals, etc, to share information safely and privately, and can be used to host common social and artistic activities.

Technically they local Pop-Up internet hubs. In a sense providing internet technology FOR a specific location and available ONLY in that location physically – not virtually. ie the box provides the technology there in the location, there is no attempt to locate users and deliver information from the internet as a whole based on their current location.

The strongly localised links of the technology gives a few advantages that distinguishes the Community Boxes:

* Because data is located in a very certain physical location, the ownership and control of that data is by the hands of the people in the location.
* Because the technology uses digital means in a physical location, it provides a new space to deliver the advantages of digital, yet adding a local value as that data can be experienced only in that location.
* People can use a wider range of technologies to connect with the boxes, and crucially, can use older/cheaper technologies. (because the data is not delivered via the web as a whole, hence no need to use high end technologies that will pick up where a user might be.)

The community boxes are an ongoing adaptation of “pirate boxes“.

We have a version working as a gallery. Details:

testing if


y abstract?
quality, a concept, an idea, or maybe even an event.

aq = abstract of any quelity with the quelity of aq

aq = a generalisation of any sort of arbitarrary couplings of letters to abstract

aq = concrete abstract of being aq.

the absrtract = creative
the gen = manifestive
the conrete = reflexiv

.w. = an abstraction of any quality to do with wonderment
<.w.> = a generalisation of wonderment-like qualities
>.w.< = a concrete abstract of being wonderment as a w (.w.) = the quality of wonderment to be an abstract, a generalisation and concrete sense of wonderment. (this rivals with .w. no??) manipulations -->
->|-< etc. --- now i can take (.x.) and --> of (.w.)
and a
^*^ of (.x.)
to be
and somone else:
and otherone:
(F) as xw
and –^– as all ^* and –> ops
to make:
and another person might argue:
not F but f
or neither but needs to maintain xw|wx
and another one might go:

We can alsdo have:

>^|–>< ? of var sensations within: (.w.) -->|– <.w.> >.w.< ? --- proposed on xyz.xyz? prtop ccc op prop ggg in xyz.xyz - if xyz.xyz? if - rers ? res ^ (diff res) --- if /~\ - sensationsal sensations as operators since quality - how is it felt? e.g. move/frequency? smoothness? hardness? etc.. th0oughtfulness?? ways of thinking/conceiving X moral quality social/political etc. qualitative quality eg quality of quality will be .q. <.q.>
>.q.< (q) all together??