links to do with algorithms and Hanne Darboven

connected with art?

Number usage and making in art? – – algorithms in musical orientation. (has a version of Hanne’s Darboven’s opus 17a)

A bit more from evol and hanne darboven.

With a more general investigation into conceptual art and algorithms?

Hanne and glimpses re time perception practice in the work. It seems that through the time altered repetitions by numbers and algorithms, there is a depiction of a difference – a transmission – between Darboven’s work and algorithms’?

Nothing intrinsically linked between this view of Jorinde Voigt’s and Hanne Darboven’s but my suspicion about the writer’s mind with a national connective algorithm?

A current show in Lewis Glucksman gallery linking a fair few conceptual artists and algorithms.

A bit of an earlier hash – 2005 – of the Lewis Glucksman show?> Here’s a “40 years of rule based art” – or is it the wrong logical conclusion?

Not sure this one should be here – (??)

A bit of an addon – art and horoscope algorithms?

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