#art blackhole – links to/from the gallery? #bdf13

http://www.zeldawiki.org/Gallery:Link (zelda’s image cache links?)
http://www.linksgallery.org/ (links as a name for a gallery?)
http://www.artbylt.com/linksgalleries.htm (some of artbylt’s web links?)
http://www.randafricanart.com/Gallery_links_page.html (links as html web based to galleries?)
http://yourartlinks.com/ (links to local art connected activities?)
http://www.tivart.com/linksFiles/LinksForGalleries.html (links to web resources?)
http://www.artlinkfw.com/ (another links as a gallery name?)
http://www.linksfromart.com/ (..as a domain name?)

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