loadz of money sez art?

What do these people with “big money” mean by “art“?

Art? Is this a serious or ironic question?

Meaning? Is that a question? How can you know what they All mean?

Perhaps what Can be made into some sort of interesting from buying “art“?

These objects.. Are they some sort of presentations?

Maybe manifestations?

Or could be embodied descriptions?

Just embodiments?


No, no, no, no and NO! lol what ever term used, for the art bit, it needs to be Acceptable. It requires normativity – how else would the descriptions manifested in presentational embodiments could fetch so much money?

Without the money – no art?

Perhaps no money no art objects?

LOL but if money makes the art process, if the normative generation of cultural activities makes the whole into art – then isn’t it the case for the argument that indeed, the practices, the wonderment of cultural practices – rather than linked objects, money, and the rest – is indeed an artistic process?

say what?!!!

That maybe, ironically, by claiming that the normativity processes which accompany that which we tag “art” – be it the performance of signature, to curator’s say so and some links of ephemeral acts with recognised artistic canons – point towards abstract rather than objects being art?

try again, please?

Is it not that if we claim artisticality to Be emerging via processes, it might be that in fact, the art is in abstract processes, not their outcome?


Abstract art?

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