meaning-free discrimination?

I was checking stuff re frequencies. Meanings free frequencies. Stimuli sensed that is just, errr, sensed without any good/bad/right/wrong attached. X vibration and it matters not whether I like it or not..
THough It might be
That I do like the sensation of not having to place meanings, just sensing..?

It followed/linked with questioning discrimination that might be meanings free. Neither positive, nor negative, just the discrimination we do of frequencies per need, culture, physical state, etc. – and do not use for power.. ie, X culture might discriminate for money as a means of exchange value because it serves power. However, another culture might do the same while being clueless about the sequence of power. They might also have easier time to adjust away from money discrimination because it was done meaninglessly..

Hence the idea of discrimination for, against, and between. Where between is just a sort of categorisation that can easily be reconfigured. There are elements with colour and others with sound. Suddenly I meet into elements where their wetness is more pronounced – hence perhaps I’d want to change the earlier discrimination?

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