migrants inner planetary?

Its hard to let go of a sensation that humans – the animals that think they are the only ones to mourn and grieve –
are in fact migrants in their own old host planet.
have in a way found a way to do an inner planetary migration, a removal from a planet that could host, to another that can not – all without even having to travel in between 2 well spaced planets.
humans have a chance, imho. A migrant, a removed, a changed, a cosmetic, a compositional, an exiled, an abode opportunity for moving into yet another planet that could offer a homely welcoming hostness.
beginning to live like migrants do.. Migrants have to remove themselves not just from lands, climates, times, spaces and places – but from knowledge, customs, habits, food and all the kind of stuff that comes with culture.
Not Just migrants – colonised populations do that sort of inner immigration too. They have to violently alter as home is made into an unwelcoming host. A place you may stay only under strict conditions that are made to enfall a human, to
Inner planetary
migrants are perhaps self colonised people? Lives that one way or another exiled themselves from a life that will never come back.
comes as an inevitable motion once certain percentage of the moving parts is together on a particular trajectory..
Following a catastrophe, there is always a way to something Like an opposite position that Looks like the pre-catastrophe, but never is.
It’s hard
avoiding these kind of analogygiasiationing
since in case we are in a midst of a catastrophe, it seems healthiering to catastrophoise like a migrants’ culture as we beat the tempo together,
rather than wait for the fall and through traumatisation build a difference.