more re anthropocene and the tempo?

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I think a bit too early to crit with temporality in mind on the account that the period is unclear.
It seems might be interesting to crit the very attempt to define the temporal in a scale, a geography, a given period – rather than a certain kind of an infinity.
A certain kind of sensations that emerge from a given frictive practice?
So, for example, the infinity we create with atomic energies and the kind of geological storage places earth can provide? Its a very certain kind of temporality. One that is used politically as well, in this context..

A sort of self critical critical theory?
I think that if indeed there is an anthropocene then the “human scale temporality” alters.
Indeed that’s one of the flips/turns.
That we have to consider “human scale” temporalities in different rhythms.

Picked on for the now temporal point..?

Seems like a other people find anthropocenic temporality interesting? A conference?

A conversation to do with temporality and anthropocene?–architecture-in-the-anthropocene-encounters-among-design?rgn=div1;view=fulltext

Interesting? Various temporalities?

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