more re being a calculation being

it seems like calculation, unlike deceleration, requires legitimisation – yet the very act of calculation suggests a legitimate being, in our minds.
where as to declare this text not english-only but having some links to ancient japanese, beyond just mentioning it in this line, might seem brutal and indeed require a brute act such as: I declare the english in this text to be directly descendant of ancient Japanese!
a calculative approach might still place me in a sort of possible slightly bonkers bracket, however, the whole exercise might have a plausible legitimacy, and hence allowed to live, to be by others – despite me having relinquished the brut power.. check this:
what is the number of terms directly descendant from ancient japanese in this text, when each linked term is 1 and each not linked is -1?
this calculates to: -134.
Or a simpler calculation:
How many terms/words here are descendant from ancient japanese? 0

However, despite the results of both calculations showing non existence of calculated descended, the calculation has a certain life. If this text has no ancient Japanese descendancy links, for some, the very calculation might seem interesting and perhaps a process to put many texts through. The calculation as a search sequence has a legitimacy independent of my own power – or lack of it. Well.. A plausible legitimacy..
Now, if I wanted, powerless as I am, to add a forcefullness to the calculation, I could declare that doing such an act will – even if seems futile – bring a good luck for the doer, and negative for the none doer..

Will it now be a good idea to do the calculation in case I was not talking out of my arse..?


on a less abstract note

the campaign to deligitimise the state of israel, is indeed to rid us of zionism – like the campaign to delegitimise apartheid did. It acknowledges that the israeli-zionist entity is being calculated in various ways, and says – we ought to stop that. It is illegit to calculate it, to give it funds, or account for its various exchanges, dealings and demands – because these calculations allow something very abusive to live..

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