names and meanings?

How should I call a name?

Name is the operation of providing something with reference – how to name naming?

Guess we can agree on something? How about arbit?

“arbit”? wtf? why?

As from arbitrary.. Naming is arbitrary, no?

Can be capri..

Lol – capricious, heh??

Assuming the arbit didn’t exactly refer to the mediation history of the arbiter..

How about ribit?

Tired of naming.. Sure, “ribit” is the name of naming.. I think there’s something rather more interesting here though.. Does it not seem that while calling something a Something is significant, once we name that thing, Naming itself becomes the significance?

What do you mean?

Maybe if we named naming “Twinkle”, or “Sunday” – the meaning will be the same – a name for naming. However, sunday is not just a name for a particular day of a repeatable sequence of days. It comes with an operation which signifies a whole perception and a unique operation, no?

What, that its the day of the sun?

Yes.. a bit of life left from the people who linked that day to the sun.. However, if we compare to other names of the same day in other cultures – perhaps its the operation of the day that seems different.. ie when it’s called “1st day”, does it not become more than just a name, but the 1st day of the week..?

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