nba basketball?

I used to follow bits of nba basketball. Ever since childhood, there was something in the range of basketball’s rhythms, frequencies..
Something I used to call “chess in motion”, but Chess is the wrong metaphor. More like “Go in motion” – but probably not that.
Its the combination of body and bodies in quick transitions of dynamics that seem to develop new bodies of installations with 2 “teams” or rather groups of people that play “attack” “defence” “transition” at interchanging times based on who’s got the ball.

As such its an intercrossings for dynamics of thoughts, of various imaginations that bread and develop off from one another in a course of a game and indeed a season of play.

However, NBA is about money. Its about how to make the NBA more money using the visual attraction basketball provides. In a sense, what the NBA is learning to do over the years is how to Game the game of basketball.
The NBA world is not There for doing basketball. Not There for the game, but for exploiting people’s attention for its own financial profits. Hence, for example, in NBA speech, cities where they have teams are referred to as “markets”. Usually “large” eg LA/NY or “small” eg Phylli/Boston markets. That is why the NBA is, somehow ironically, determined to create/develop a sort of equality among the teams, so that the sense of drama is heightened. However this is an equality where the NBA and Money reign supreme – hence no imagination that might deviate from the corporate image is tolerated.

Hopefully, despite what I read recently, the nba will not come to europe.. Lets keep european basketball Less corporate occupied.. (..if not fearless and free..)
Rant end!

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