—— — —– —- ——— — — — — – —- not a code?

how this is linkable? imagine that the crossings between chemicals energies dna, the vibrations link via movements, size, rates


what you are looking at is an imagination implemented using xxx. however, since the imagination is meta, implementations could come in other media..


unless am really doing –

trans projective–>reflective
the when – notice – affection or affection notice (here’s an object)

oats and raisoned bananas

soap & shower
diff to
shower & soap

can be imagined as:
harshdryharshdry – wetsoftwetsoft


say6 sokmjeone did wsws as:
the proceedure links!! (site web is very diff, even in lingos the sitewen = website as in both cases the site is either in the web or the web.._)

and these ofcourse can link up with proceedural imagination

and cross with

non proceedural such as affectionotice/noticeaffection

in which case we can collide:


proceedual will not contain non-proceedural because its less tight, hence non proceedural can cross into proceedures but yet retain its non proceedural imagination: (because it can be temporary, the rhythm/proceedure..)

in case of
they collided and made:

can be imagined as sensations of subskin space..

Now someone else can come and say:
electricshock – es 0 when s is proceedural link with s of site proceedural and we can cross that with n of noticeaffection to break them into:
nsnns – notice sitenoticenotice shock –> how will electricity be from that imagination point of view?


not sure if there isnt too much focus on linked elements rather than – also – the linking elements between them..


link fold beat spacetime

and in terms of boarding –

surf ( cross draw link smile )

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stuff like hdhd-wsws<>an/na – ie the usage of 1st letters of names as a pivotal link reference is a bit thoughtless here..
I think it should bare some being part of the reference sequence.. eg Dry is not a D but in meaning.. Maybe its the process-practice-sequence of liquidlessness.. The dry feeling/sensation comes in that sequence.. Once liquid is felt missing, the element of dry comes in range.. Becomes part of the sequence.. so perhaps:
DRY is liquidness-search-time-loss_sensation-liquidness_loss…?
Then we can link to:

However.. it can also be said that in a search from lettering, the dwdw can work as well, no??

Also the question of materiality comes in here i think..

the materiality of words?
how can this point to spacetime – counting? check the clock-date? x then listen to 123 and then y?

there is also the question of time delivery.. hummm#

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