not for turning?

I am not going to turn!

Who said that?

Is it a democratic statement?

Have you searched?

Search, which governments/regimes do u-turns?

..or back down?


Which regimes? Why not how and for what kind of stuff?

Hold on.. Is it fair to do in english?

Why not compare english results for, say, japanese and chinese u-turns?

How about south korean?

And say, brazilian and iranian?

Whats all that for?

Ever asked, or been asked: “X is in the opposition, how can they change anything?”

Well.. Can they?

How can an opposition – one that has no power, ie not somehow surreptitiously linked to power via military, media or financial means – can make a government do a u-turn?

Is that what’s called “winning an argument”?

How can they win an argument if they don’t have a media link which lets their argument being heard, or even discussed?

An interesting point.. However, would you say that a society where such arguments can be discussed – and affect, through that exchange, government policies – are in a democratic or a rather more authoritarian kind of evolutions?

Isn’t that a false dichotomy?

How come?

Isn’t the evolutionary question more to do with How to evolve political life of a given society?

Might be.. However, isn’t it also a valid question to point that there might be kind of political evolutions?

Is that to do with the idea that democracy is always Becoming?

Yes.. I think so.. However, authoritarian regimes are also becoming, no?

Isn’t a mark of an authoritarian regime – and conservativism – is precisely attempts to halt the process of becoming?

Yes, however – can they?

Like trying to avoid evolution?

Like trying to avoid time?

So.. Was it a dichotomy or pointing at various kinds of political evolutions?

Maybe a pointing at different kinds of evolutions – done badly?

Can I do a u-turn on that? 😉

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