ok and coffee?

it seems that most humans, whatever sound systems they tend to use for utterances in their mundane times, tend to infuse these sequences with a sound to the tune of
it seems that most humans, where ever they seem to tend to their activities in their frictions, tend to brew a drink with a sound something like
So one might hear, Cafe, Cava, KoHee, and some such.
it seems that coffee, more than water, tea or some capitalist captured and arrested juice – is the the most drunk liquid by humans.
The most drunk liquid on earth turned out to be by machines the are told to serve humans, but that might be a perceptual delusion.

Going back to OK and Coffee and leaving questions of quantities and values alone to mechanical procedures,
it seems Coffee and OK has a quality shared through some absence –
a quality made of being without an generally agreed upon knowledge of name meanings nor origins – if at all.
hence regardless of being meaningless,
because meaninglessness
as far as we might know
when ever you might happen to bump into a human and utter sounds like OK or coffee –
there’s a high likelihood they will know what you want beyond this or that word.