other otherness in time?

How do you accept the Other?


A difference that will always remain between your fab self and some self that will never be you?

A difference or an interval?

Are they not the same thing?

Isn’t an interval time based where as difference is space?

But both create the sensation of otherness, no?

Perhaps, however do sensations from time the same as sensations from space?

Can you make the distinction?

How does it feel when a person visits you in the wrong space?

What, like barges into my room uninvited?

Whilst you are in that room?

If am there, is it not wrong time-space?

Say if you are not there?

Still a question of time space, no?

How does it feel like when a person visits you in the wrong time?

Like when am too busy?

Or a day after you were supposed to meet?

Is it not a time space question again?

Can it not be claimed that infact, since that sort of an encounter might produce: “hey dude – it’s wrong time for me, can we not reschedule?” – that the orientation is that of time?

OK.. Now lets ask, other otherness from time?

How do we come together with humans and other animals that have various time oriented perceptions?

Yes.. Like say one hooked up only with green people, we might clain they were kind of racist, right?

How about a person who advocated for certain neurological preferences?

Def not calling them a neurologist 😉

A neurophobist?

How about a person that hooks up only with people that tend to perceive time and timing in a similar way?

A tempoist?

Whatever however these might be called – are they not a bit like the racist or neurophobist in the sense of rejecting – ejecting? – the other?

How to host and be hosted by a human or some other animal with a different sense of time and timing?

Like someone who keeps missing times you were supposed to meet?

Or keeps visiting you at the “wrong” time?

Or that you have never met before and requires you at the wrong time with the “wrong” sense of timing?

Like hey, would you help me fix my phone tomorrow morning – then 2 days later and without a word in the interval, they turn up late at night?

yes.. And how would it feel if they promised to fix your phone tomorrow morning but turned up 2 days later at night?

Is it not a question of power here?

Might be.. And if it is, can we encounter enthusiastically – without prejudice – the other sense of time and timing regardless of power?

Power? Is it not that traditional, orthodox, discriminative practices – like by religion, by culture, skin colour, “race”, sex and gender – are facilitated by power?

Can one be open to any kind of time sense yet discriminate against people with a “wrong” skin colour?

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