palestine all over?

On way to Umm el Fahem art gallery Via skateboarding the 77.7km between the airport and the town of Umm el Fahem.

A few basic definitions to palestine oriented vocabulary:

The place commonly known as “israel” = palestine.
The p[lace commonly known as palestine/west-bank = palestine.

Am not dernying the exsitance of various communities, structures and organisations in the palestinian areas.
The area am skateboarding through, the one usually referred to as “israel” – is the Zionist oriented area of palestine. (this claiom is based upon experiencing people considering “israelies” to be either jews and or zionists. About 20-30 percent of the people there are either jews and nopt zionists or neither jews nor zionists. Hence am making the distinction and the umbrella of “palestine” he4lps focus the sort of unity of the area as a whole.
Palestinians, in this vobaulary are anyone who lives in the area commonlyt known as isareal/palestine, and have the following categories:
Palestian Jews, Zionists, Muslims, Cherkess, Druze, Christians, Seculars, Bedouins, etc.

Am using people’s own definitions they provide themselves, e.g. people call themselves zionists or muslims, These categorizations are based on people’s births’ religious and communal affiliations rather than ideas and arguments, feelings and aspirations that form, inform and feed lively political, cultural and social debates. I think these are sectarian, divisive and anti-democratic definitions, but that is what there is in palestine. (..and the middle east as a whole…)
Am referring here to communities and groupings in general. There are exceptions. There are people and organisations that do indeed attempt to go beyond the sectarian divides. I hope the Umm el Fahem gallery will turn out to be one of them.

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