parkinsons’ and the palestinian question of

israeli/zionist/jewish colonial occupation?

Just came back from Frankelinstine, better known as palestine/israel, and perhaps a few related posts will follow..

My mother has a bit of Parkinsons’ and needs to be in a care home, unfortunately.. So I was looking for care homes for her..

My 1st priority, initially, was to find which homes specialise in Parkinsons’. Naively, I thought there will be a sort of lists like that could help…

When I spoke to care homes, I was told that my thinking was Strange. No one asks such questions, apparently.
Which questions do people ask?
I contacted the Parkinsons’ association thinking they might at least have some recommended homes – nope.
People – ie the Jewish bit of Israeli/Palestinian society – do not require such information..

Some, however, do go to specialised homes. Specialised of sorts.. They are for people of certain “origins”..
Turns out that despite the narrative of Jewish/Zionist/Israeli society, of coming “back” to a land of fore-parents. Of not being colonialists, of not even being immigrants, but “going-backers”, and therefore are indeed a part and parcel of the middle-east in general and rooted to the land of Palestine/Israel in particular.
However, when people reach a certain age/situation and in need of care homes, they seem to prefer, at times, to be among others who share country of origin. The origin country is not Israel, as the narrative proclaims, but might be Iraq, Holland, Morocco, France, Egypt, Germany, USA, and so on..

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