patrons patronise? ..and patronisation?

Know this thing with brexit and patronising working classes?

Thing?? Can you be more specific?

Check the links! 😉

Maybe am not interested.. Can you say roughly what are you on about?

The question of eu remain people claiming there are no immigration issues the working classes should be worried about. Is it not patronising?

What.. Telling other people what they should think and feel? Could we not get into a cycle of patronisation if remainers felt patronised being told that immigration is, in fact, an issue?

lol.. No.. I think there is a difference between people in power and dis-empowered making claims about one another, no?

Perhaps.. In a systematically unequal society that is based on power.. it does sound familiar, no? 😉

So.. are we off patronisation and back to patronising?

Maybe for now.. Are you suggesting immigration Is a problem?

Not so fast.. I think that the problem with patronising is that it prevents listening and responding.. It prevents exchanges.. Is it not interesting, if you check the questions around it, that when people complain about immigration, responses come in shapes of prejudiced claims – ie against immigrants = xenophobia, racism, etc..?

We did have a rise in racial attacks, etc.. No? Is it not a link?

Perhaps a link, however the question is slightly different.. When a person tells you that because of immigrants they have housing, health, education and job/financial problems – what do they do?

They tell me they have problems which need to be addressed?

Yes.. So why not address the problems instead of focusing on the perceived cause?

How can we ignore the perceived cause if when you try to talk about, say job insecurity, you are being told that the issue is immigration?

Why not talk about job insecurity caused by Agents/Companies/etc that use tools like 0 hours contracts, cheap labour, and immigrants to drive people’s lives down?

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