do i pay for internet connection x 3 too much?

Am paying o2 for being my isp @ home.
Paying o2 for being isp on my mobe.
Another bunch – forgot their name, something . net or there abouts based in Worthing – get around £10pcm for “maintaining” the landline + land phone i do not use..

Now all these guys fancy working Against people like you & me not just by attempting to squeeze as much money as possible, but also to provide information about us for power and commerce.. (eg the digital economy bill, the “snoopers charter, etc..)

Assuming, on average, am paying around £30pcm for internet – not including phone calls. Thats’ around £360 per year.. Now lets say that I’d have to invest a one-time £600 for a life-time of free, non-isp, distributed, decentralised, socialised and Liberated internet connection..? The lack of such an option is strange even from a capitalistic logic, no? (ie a company that, builds the infrastructure for people to invest £600 a pop.. Would there be a million internet users that’s for example, pay that kind of money for a free and distributed internet using, say, 100 satellites costing £500k each? Must be a hole in this logic, but someone/some group smarter than me can crack this.. Surely?)

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