a person and binary?

Typing here, am i being binaristic?


Yes.. Everything digital is binary, no?

Oh.. LOL.. What about gender? Is gender binary?


I think its meant as having a paradigm based on male and female. That, surely is a constant binary?

Which is 1 and who is 0?

I think its meant as either or kind of binary.. The sense of binary.. It can be 1 and 0.. Good and bad.. Seeming opposites?

Are male/female opposites or nescessary for some organic reproduction?

Maybe the sense of opposites come in via social roles?

Guess that is where gender – rather than sex – becomes the discussion.. Yes?

OH!! At last – yes! We talk gender – not sex here.. That gender in itself can not be binary.. Would you disagree?

I don’t know about “can not be” – but “gender” as the sensations of femininity and masculinity in and within a human being, as a person, are not binary.. I fail to see what might be unacceptable here.. Have you seen this vid?

Actually.. Is it not self contradictory to claim that there are 2 types – feminine and masculine – from which various mixtures operate within people?

Are you saying they do not exist?

Am saying a few things.. I think.. One is that if you fancy thinking non binary, surely, it calls for getting out of imagining life between only 2 elements?

What do you mean?

Sometimes I feel like water. Sometimes I feel like an electron. Sometimes, I might even feel hot, or cold wetness – nothing to do with masculine nor feminine?

Is it not though, hot as a woman, or hot as a man, and so on?

IDK.. Does it have to? Does everything have a gender?

Hummm.. In english, It has no gender.. An object.. Are you an object?

If english imagines life as gendered for humans and other animals, or not gendered for objects, does it mean we have to follow without questioning?

What about the It for animals we do not know the sex of?

Still.. Does it really make such a big difference?

What difference?

If one is a she, he, or a it?

How else can it be?

it? lol

Well.. I can imagine something like: Hey, this is cinnam. Cinnam has properties, characteristics of being such and such.. Now, how do we exchange stuff and interact.. Is that too complicated? Do I need to go through stuff like: Cinnam has more such that is female than “and such” which is a male, and therefore I will call cinnam a she?

What if the sense of such-and-suchness, for cinnam, is a gendered sensation. Are you not going to respect that?

Sure I would.. But do I have to impose, ie that it Has to be gendered? That cinnam Has to perceive characteristics in a gendered manner?

Seems a fair few people rather fancy crossing genders nowadays.. What do you think?

Have you read the quantum thief?

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