philanthropy – capitalism and innate theft?

philanthropy and charity tend to be taken as stuff people might be able to feel proud of in setting up.
However, I think the very sense of pride, the genuine wish to do and/or be perceived as doing, stuff for the greater benefit of society, is – in my mind – on the range between autocracy, anti-democracy, and an admission capitalism is about a theft from society.

Theft from society:
The capitalist – the Have person – ensured socio-economic despair, hence feels positive addressing perceived consequences of that. Society, by enlarge, accepts the contribution by the well-off, in peculiar ways. For example, not taxing charitable donations. A practice that is made to both encourage giving, and depriving the greater society a democratic say in How these funds are distributed and to whom.

Once a person decides to give using “their money” – the very said money becomes for society. However the parts of society that get funds are based upon the well-off person’s own whims and moods. The power to decide who will get more social finance is by the hands of an unaccountable individual that thinks its rather cool to use their power over others.
That power might be exercised in a very acceptable way, might be distributed wisely and even correctly by society as a whole.
However, the point here is against that practice as much as against the wise and magnanimous emperor – by the unavoidable focus on one’s powers to do stuff over others, we cultivate violence of who gets to have the autocratic power, who benefits from that aggression, and rid society of ability to hold power accountable based on gaps between statements and activities. (the autocrat can claim to be honest about their power and their right to do with it as they please. (see, chinese rulling party, putin, erdogan, etc..

The ability of the well-off to opt out of the tax system by, in a sense, employing their own tax regime, is a testimony to social in equality that is being celebrated by the personal autocracy, social loss that percipitated the accumulation of power and the perpetuation of that power by contributing to organisations that instead of stopping certain activities, offer stop-gap solutions that help the continuity of social and economical inequality – let alone the cultural ones..

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