Pirated programming political turn?

A pirated programming?

Is that supposed to be funny?

Is it not?Why not mention an ice breaker?To uber pun it re iceland?

How do you do a programming oriented politics?

Is it not the idea of having stuff like “transparency” and “accountability”, rather than “progressive” or “conservative” ideologies which you try to implement?

A government as a facilitator?

Hold on.. Say I fancy transparency and accountability via open access to state data.. and..

LOL! In the UK, you think people will tell the monarchy to open it’s books?

Surely, some might see the monarchy being transparent as essential – and some not?

..and some will see it as required to be scrapped?

So how, in this one context, the idea that stuff like “transparency” management is non ideological?

Maybe it’s a question of bringing together, for example, all the range of views regarding monarchical transparency, and letting them play in a democratic fashion?

If that’s the case, a government to manage social power struggles and ideas, is it not a bit like Mouffe’s notion of agonism?

Not sure re Mouffe’s ideas, however, say it is a question of management rather the propagation of one ideological view over another. When we look at management, how people do managing, do we not have various styles?

Styles or ways?

Management ways or ideologies?

Like the hierarchical management ideology?

Or the horizontal?

Are you saying there’s no escape from ideologies?

If turning into management is not getting over idologies by nescessities, does it mean there is no other way?

Yo! Didn’t blair and 3rd way was todo with being managers?

Politics at the end of history?

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