popup, popping up and pop-up culture

If you can pop up and see me any time, its kind of easy, informal and nothing too serious that requires preperations like cleaning, cooking, arranging, etc..
There are also some elements that sort of pop up, as in sudden appearance that was UN-announced.. (..eg was not noticed coming..)
This might be different to a surprise because it seems to be detached from good/bad.. Just sort of there all of a sudden – before a value frequency has been linked or attached..

All these are kind of elements I’d think to be linked sequencially with pop-up culture. The cultivation of popping up.
When we considered a name for communitybox, one that did the rounds was popup internet related. Indeed, the reason, in my mind the pop up name was not apt, is that usage of popping up in all sorts of directions.. It seems too fashionable, as if we were taking a ride..
Pop up gallery
Pop up shop
Pop up radio
Pop up gigs
Pop up toilet
Pop up dates
Pop up food
Pop up flights
Pop up cult
Pop up cinema

The interesting question, in my mind is that of between popping up and its cultivation. A bit like punk, can you have it while cultivating or that some elements require Others to be cultivated for being??

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