post truth aesthetic dump in pokemon go?

After the truth has gone?

Is there a song?

A cute pokemon song?

Can we train it?


Train the truth?

Train the song?

An honest pokemon go truth?

Sure. Are we not post truth here?

When was is that truth was not an emerging reality?

Well.. Check the canary’s buzzfeed plusterdump.. Interesting, no?


Did you dig the caricature of “details details”?

Why not details details details?

Why not details infinity?

An infinite time?

Why details?

The argument, like “we need X”, “we need a leader”..

A strong leader?


The argument.. What if it was like a house?

What house?

Any house?


What if the details are like the stuff that make the difference between having a house and an attempt at building a house?

Like a brick house without bricks?

Is there a song..?

Not this one?

lol.. do we not need an AI to work this out?

And the argument is a house?

The house that houses what the argument might mean?

But we don’t need details?

Like having a brick house without bricks?

How can we have a brick house without bricks?

How can we have an argument based on details that aren’t there?

Like saying we need a prime minister because there’s gold at the end of the rainbow?


But there isn’t a rainbow’s end.. You know that?

Sure, but that doesn’t mean the argument isn’t valid!?

oh.. lol.. So.. Where’s pokemon go in here?

The aesthetics?


Do we not have an argument of a mixed reality aesthetics?


Is it not the fuck up of claiming the brick house is all of one kind of bricks?

Oh.. like what if some bricks were made of water, others of clay, and others of words?

Well.. Is it not that it is a mixed reality already?

Is it an acknowledged mixed real?


The it of a house/argument?

But not the it of pokemon go?

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