power is illegit by the very sequences

of having to have powers?


* I really do not want this power burden. But hey look, no one else it taking responsibility to use power and fix the problem.
Now if I have to fix the problem, I’ll need to do stuff, reluctantly of course, and only for your benefit, but has to be based on my judgement – else things will get bogged down with discussions.

–> hence power is also judge and jury as well as executioner..
—> and power before judge and jury in this sequence is abusive on another level – it considers taking power without a mutual process of questioning the very need for her/him to burden them selves?

* Look, life is full of various bad things. I am a very powerful person. I will take care of you. Defend you from these bad things. All you have to do is let me take care of you. Am not sure how, but just let me find out too..

–> a bit like facebook/google/apple types, isn’t it?

* Lets find out who do You want to have power over you. You can then monitor power and make a new decision later on.

–> No discussion nor provision for a possible need for no-power, is there? Hence the reality of attempting to use power, while its available, to ensure it will be there next time around.

* Give me power else I harm you!

–> One of the authoritarian ones. To the point and relys on the brutal honesty for legitimisation. eg the others are dishonest about power, I am honest. Its an abuse, but hey, try take it from me.. ;p

* Let me have power.

–> Even without an explicit threat, the very nature of if w to m for p over w is in a sense a violent/aggressive request sequence. ie if w will not cooperate – w has to contend..


In a sense, perhaps it can be argued that societies/people/entities for whom power is constitutive – for whom power is an elementary part of how the entity is A rather than B – culture will always be brutal and abusive for the maintenance of power..
In that sense, even democratic or anarchistic societies are indeed very brutal..(?)

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