probability and being while being not probable?

Am checking some stuff re bayesian networks and probability calculations. It suddenly occured that it might be interesting to note that probability of, for example, X being a god, and the actual being of being a god are slightly different questions.
Something might indeed be in-spite of all evidence to the contrary, while the same being element might be very improbable. In a sense, a very small probability of something to be, doesn’t necessitate not being – just a small chance.
Therefore the relevancy of probability is to chance of being, or indeed to the question of whether or not x is there, or Might be There in the life as we live.
However, that question is very different – mathematically, logically, or meta-inter-cross-logically – to the question, or search, of being.
The rhythmicality of a search sequence, of an if(ab) where ab can be a+/-/:/xb as well as a()b – ie some-friction-with b that determines the longevity of that search sequence rhythmic being. eg, whether it folds after a short or long period..
However, the if search sequences do the operation as a question rather than an attempt at a mathematical universal. The search sequence is suggestive in its outcome as well as its being, in that sense.
In that way, the rhythmic, perhaps search sequences are more frequentist than bayesian, however, i’d argue that its neither because both, bayesian and frequewntist approaches to probablity, can be as search sequences.

Going back to the god probability, in terms of bayesian and frequentist number crunching, the god as defined by religions has a very small chance of being past, present or future. From a search sequence pov the chances of god are inconsequential because the statement such as:
if being omnipotent + always + links directly with humans if Being at least as an imagination as much as:
if pigs fly * cows as outside of this statement – manages to live a rather long time as a quickly folding imagination that demonstrates its own futility attempting to escape being such a demonstration, rather than any other embodiment.
hence the if god – in this permutation or another – is indeed There at least for the brief period of stating the if search sequence…
Hence the Being is alive, at least as a search sequence imagination, not as a probability of yes/no.. Just a different set of questions – i suppose(?)…

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