quantum aesthetics or

is aesthetics quantum of something else?

Joked – ignorantly – to myself re possibility of quantum aesthetics. Instead of wallowing in the joke, did a search that gave something like



No Excuses: Go Nomadic

i think that what i had in mind was a focus on non focus.. The quantity, quanta, rather than the object, the singular, the spot.. ..and perhaps this is not as quantum aesthetics from the 90’s in the sense that I might be doing a dualistic approach here.. hummm.. i think that i definitely just wrote about this dualistically, however, it is not doalistic in the senses the:
– I think of this as an evolutionary element, perhaps of emergence.. (eg, instead of placing one ting, do many of similar kind of stuff and life might begin?)
– with quantum you can do a singular, eg via percpective/distance, not the other way around, hence these are not 2 opposites, but one is a critique of another in terms of a sequence. Or perhaps a link of the other in terms sequence, and the other is witin one’s spectrum.. eg the singular object/objective is within the quantum frequency spactrum, not the other way around..?

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