questions that never answer but reply?

Sometimes it seems for me that people find it easy, or attractive, to seek and find answers.
Why X is Y? Because this and that answer – and the simplest, the better. Perhaps this in itself is an easy answer?

I wonder..

For example, bitcoin linked libertarians. They seem to be consumed by ideas that numerical exchanges Can be made “fair”, that “fairness” can be made simply by adhering to some “objective” algorithm’s rules. That somehow social democratic processes such as education, health, food and other care provisions that provide safety which allows less fearless discursive interactions, intervene in people’s “liberties” to be masters of their independent lives. That somehow companies, and market rules, despite its jungle-law, power-based interactive process, somehow will produce greater fairness. (Notice the emphasis on fair rather than equality..) And that these solutions, despite their obvious ideological trappings, are worth not just to discuss but pursue.

It seems like an interesting example of how solutions, when they are weak, require ideology, the if people were a little bit this and a little bit less of that. If people let “real” market forces to operate, and had less state or corporate controls – then life would deliver this fantastic ideology..
In my mind, there is no need here for then.. Just the if question may fold on itself – because the application of the ideas linked to individual liberty in a non-authoritarian environment, according to libertarianism, require an authoritarian sequence that could make people stop being obstructive to libertarian aims..

In other terms, and possibly less communicative yet more interesting ones. It seems that questions are the elements that spur, drive. However, this is not questionism.
Say we get an answer – 1 + 1? answer is 2. Yes?
How do I know 2 might be possibly a viable answer?
It seems that the viability, the ability to rely on the 2 is linked to being able to question it, to connect it (the 2) and to repeat the 1+1 question any time/place regardless and fearlessly.

If I said the 1 apple + another single apple gave 4.5 apples all together – without power and a LOT of effort that will have to be repeated over and over – it will be a hard conclusion to “sell”.
After selling the 1+1=4.5 I’d be very unhappy if people kept questioning..

Perhaps I should question that somehow..?

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