quotes and quoting as functions?

Quotes from past, and of famed people seem to me sort of like an attempt to use functions. If you feel down, use X seemingly wise line to get yourself up. Problem is, in my mind, that despite best attempts, unlike computers, to make this work, a quote has to be simplified and then either be stupid in the 1st place – or be a zombie. eg, when going gets tough – tough gets going, and: when in Rome – do as the Romans..
I think though that the tendency – seemingly X cultural – to lean on quotes somehow – or at least use them, can not be dismissed just like that, because people will do that – even if a law came to be to say – do not.
In my mind, quoting as a practice is slightly like genetic inheritance, like using dna stands. Perhaps these are the original memes? Originality question is beside the point in a direct way here – however, indirectly I think it has a deep point.
It seems to me that quoting is a sort of non-thinking, or thoughtless, fallback when people actually reference. ie, linking to X and twisting it by the very operation.
In a sense, we do that when quoting, we provide the quoted a new life and meaning, while no acknowledging the very twist and alteration provided. Hence people, if they know, tend to mention that XYZ famous person said: blah, blah. In a sense, attempting to cloak their positions and ideas with the perceived intelligence and cultural or historical significance of the quoted person. No?

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