religions against democracy religiously?

Based on it seems yesterday was Tisha Be’av, a date jews believe to contain the getting rid of both their temples 600+ years apart. lol??!!
Based on my door mat spam, this is the month of ramadan when muslims are bound to fast and believe it to be the month when the Quran was revealed. exactly a month.. lol??!!

Well.. Religions are based on beleifs and faith, so perhaps the LOLs are from a different world..

Based on more contemporary events, the zionist israeli jews on the tight and there about, tend to say that palestinian nakba commemorations show the palestinians as victims-only, and does not help peace.

Based on my name and their ability to associate-link to the known, and diss-sociate by prejudice, islamic organisations presume me to be a muslim – hence said spam – and orthodox jews can not imagine me as any other person but some sort of a jew.

Is democracy only about voting?

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