Reason and time?

Say I do X.
X is done.
By who?
If elements around me attribute X to me doing it – they might ask Why?
e.g. for a child:
Why did you do X?
the child – or me – might be clueless as to reason for doing, or causing, X.
A person might be honest and say:
IDK why I did(?) X.
However, an insistence upon a person to “know” why X was done – may indeed bring a knowledge to that effect.
I might say:
Hey if I say that I did X for ABC reason – I can then move on + the other people don’t think am stupid as much as actually am…

Is that a way of reasoning?

Can it be that Reason is actually a contextualised excuse?
Can it be that what the call for reason is addressing, at least prior to a reasonable cause for affecting a certain X.
Can it be that in a cause free universe – or a slight time period – the reason is also free of causation?
Can it be that the reason for the call from assuming cause and reasonable agency is in fact a call for rhythmicality?
Can it be a call from asking for a set, or a sequence to be discussable?

Are these questions of:
Hey. You just crossed the road while kicking an apple. Do you know you did that? Can we talk of that?
Hey, why did you do that apple kicking road crossing? Oh you have no idea? What kind of a person acts in such unknowing way?/Oh! wow.. that is an interesting idea – drawing on tarmacs with the memories of apple desires..

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