(new) role of the shooter in shooting?

(new) role of the #shooter in contemporary gun fights? http://www.arty.li/ZG9

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the “art” images show 3 kinds of visuals, that treat their-being-an-object in 3 different ways. (3 in large scale..)
However, because all 3 are representational, there to represent Other thoughts, Other realities, Other people, and Other narratives – the practice is very similar. The artist is there in the role of doing stuff with images, objects and meanings. The artists’ role is precisely very similar in 3 different “practices” – even dadaistical ones – to combine visuals, ideas, methods and materials into 9objects that can provide – cultural – value.
However, I think there is a corruption/corruptive (as in essential corruption, not a corrupting element) that is between the role, the its perception, its representation and the final out come. We always have to suspend a disbelief and instead of imagining with the cultivation process, Culture, we are forced to imagine that the image could be, via the artists’ talents, that which it is InFact representing. Even if the material is shit, and its supposed to be shit, once it is framed, we have something other than just shit that we are asked to imagine is in fact just shit.. 😉

Am I talking a lot of crap – or is there some substance there..?

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