search and a freedom as being From?

Say a person is free to eat cucumbers, what is the next question?

What that person might be bound by?

As in one might get free from shackles but all that happened was entering a yet-to-be-recognised bind?

That’s a freedom from, no?

What about being free from freedom?

From freedom itself?

Say one chooses to focus on gardening, or something, whether or not that makes them feel or even be free?

Sure, a free society might be able to tolerate that without a pause. However, can a society based on choices, on right to choose one thing over another, tolerate entities that are free from needing to choose?

Isn’t being “free from choosing” – a choice?

Only from a circular argument that choice as freedom brings. If we are just doing being free by moving From – as a way of possible linking – where is the choice?

In moving From? 😉

LOL Actually, can it not be argued that in a choice oriented society we focus on stops, I choose a mortgage, I choose a book, I choose a drug, etc. – and these are just shackles yet to be realised? moving From is a shift of focus away to the linking process rather than elements being linked?

Is this a kind of a search?

But if you move From, by definition, what is it From? From what?

Can it not be said that since Fromness is a practice – a cultivable process – there is never arrival?

What, no orgasm?

How does it feel after orgasm?

How did we get from a search, fromness and freedom to orgasm?

Isn’t it precisely that Fromness? 😉

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